Posted by: Harish Rajpal | October 7, 2008

This is just a dream

This is just a dream – you have the power within you to change everything.The time has come to access your power for the good of the One.

You may see yourself as being a point of conciousness that never moves though all that you experience moves about you.

It is your own perceptions, judgements, fears and desires that play out on every level of your experience – learn to know yourself by looking WITHIN and accepting yourself as being the totality of the experiences you are living.

You are what you perceive yourSelf to be – change your perception and know that you are everything and learn to LOVE yourself AS everything and at this point you hold the key to transformation of the ALL.

Ask only that the truth unveils itself and hold this thought until YOU see the truth that you are ALL and that the greatest truth is Self LOVE of the ALL.

Use your anger and frustrations at how things are to motivate within YOU an unbreakable and unyielding determination NEVER to stop in your transformation until you have achieed PERFECTION of being – which you will FEEL within your heart as an unfoldment of LOVE and JOY.

Create your own perception based upon the premise that all is ABUNDANCE – whther that be abundance of fear or poverty or courage or joy or wealth. Do not submit to the promptings of the dream for these are just promptings embedded in YOUR old and outdated ways of thinking. The dream is a mirror of of who you have been with echoes of previous thoughts and ideas which many a time revolve around the seperation myth YOU have told YOURSELF.

There is no-one to blame – it is all YOU.

The key to unlocking your own divine nature is to know that YOU are IT, YOU are EVERYTHING, this IS a dream of yourSelf to youSelf.

If you fight you are fighting with your Self, if you Love you are loving yourSelf, if you are in harmony you are in harmony with yourSelf.

The seed of everything is in your belly, the mind creates the conditions and the focus of awareness from which anything can grow.

There is no God outside of yourSelf.


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