Posted by: Harish Rajpal | May 3, 2012

Ten Years of


by Radha Krueger
August 2001
The sun hung over the cow pasture and its rays flowed silently through the windows into the big front room of the Back to Godhead magazine building. The space was mostly empty, except for two huge desks facing each other in the middle of the room, each topped with a new computer. One wall was hung with dozens of framed magazine covers. The plush blue carpet looked barely walked on.
Somewhere in a back room came the tapping of a keyboard and the occasional creak of someone shifting in his chair. Otherwise it was quiet – that loud, echoing quiet of a late summer morning in the country when there's absolutely nothing going on. Yet.
I started up my computer, and while it did its thing, I opened up my notebook and flipped through a few pages. I got a pen out of my bag…

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